It can be daunting to transfer a lot of money abroad. When you make a large transfer, we make things as easy and secure as possible.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Understand your banking limits, or pay in-branch

Your bank might limit the amount of money you can send per day or transfer. Those limits might differ if you’re sending online, over the phone, or in-branch.

If you’re transferring online or over the phone, your bank might limit the amount you can send in one go. That means you’ll need to do several transfers which might take a few days.

Your bank might let you send a bigger amount if you go to your branch. It's often quicker and simpler to set up a larger transfer in-branch.

You can also money in parts through Denarii.

· Tip: Contact your bank to find out your limits for sending money.

Verify your identity beforehand to avoid delays

When you send money through Denarii, we’ll ask you to verify your identity. We do this by checking your photo ID and address. It usually takes about 2 working days.

If you set up your transfer before getting verified, we’ll do these checks before we send your money. So to avoid delays, get verified beforehand. Verification requirements vary by region.

After you pay for your transfer, we might need to see more documents. That’s because when you send a large amount, we need to verify where the source of the fund. It could be a scan/screenshot of your bank statement, a property sale agreement, or a payslip.

Tip: Get verified before making your first big transfer.

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