We always move your money as quickly as possible. You can see an estimate of how long it will take by putting some basic details. The more information we have about your transfer, the more accurately we can tell you how long it will take. It usually depends on these four things:

1. The country you’re sending to and from — Every currency and country is different. Converting your money can take a maximum of two working days, but it rarely takes this long. How quickly your transfer arrives depends on how quickly your recipient’s bank can process your money, as well as the ways you’re able to pay in the country you’re sending from.

2. How you pay — Some payment methods are quicker than others. For instance, card payments are normally instant, while bank transfers take longer. You’ll see how long each payment method takes when you set up your transfer.

3. What time you pay for your transfer — We can only handle your money during normal banking hours. Things may take a little longer if the country you’re sending has a national holiday.

4. Security checks — We might need to verify your ID and address before you send money. We call this process verification, and it helps us keep you and your money safe. Verification can add extra time to your transfer on top of the initial estimation.

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