How to get selfie and ID Verified in Denarii

1. Open the Denarii App then click Limits and Verification.

2. Tap on verify. Enter your personal information such as your Full Name, Gender, Birth Place, Birth Date, and Nationality. Click Continue.

3. Type in the ID type, ID Number, and Expiration date. You also need to take a picture of the front and back of your ID. NOTE: make sure that the ID you use is the same in all verification steps.

4. Next, take a photo of yourself holding your ID—Selfie! Make sure that the ID is not blurred.

5. Enter your source of funds - employed, self-employed, student, retired or unemployed.

6. Proceed to address verification by simply typing in your complete address and providing a billing statement.

7. That’s it! Just wait for the email notification once processed.

When will my ID verification be accepted?

After you go through the process of submitting your ID and selfie verification, it may take up to 48 hours to process. You will receive an email verification once it has been processed.

If you noticed there is something wrong, you can reset the verification process from your Denarii app.

Please make sure you have uploaded both ID and selfie, so our team can check your submission as soon as possible.

Tips for getting your account verified successfully

Once submitted, the Denarii takes time to verify your document and your IDs. To help you be verified, here are a few tips:

· Make sure to take a clear photo of everything that you’ll submit. If your request was rejected, it might be because certain parts of your document are not clear - it may be too dark or blurred.

· Ensure that each picture is clear and was able to capture the entire document. The team will be needing the entire ID/document to be able to verify it.

· Make sure that the document and ID are valid and are not expired.

· Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

· Lastly, make sure everything that you’ve submitted is yours!

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