Denarii has made it easy for you to pay your bills from anywhere and anytime just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Launch the Denarii App and select any country from the list:

    After launching the app, select the country you want to pay bill of

  2. Now select the "water" option

  3. Now add Beneficiary and service details"

    Add the beneficiary and service details including 8 digits number mentioned on the bill (Contract account number), and click the "Add beneficiary" button

  4. Enter the amount:

    Now enter the bill's amount and click "Next"

  5. Select the payment method:

    Now select the payment method you want to choose to pay for the bill. Pay from the bank directly, from Denarii wallet, or use the voucher to pay.

    After doing so, click the "Submit" button

    Boom! your bill is paid.

    This is how you can pay your bills while staying at home

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