What is Denarii?

Denarii is a money transfer technology launched in 2019. Denarii enables money transfer using mobile app, web, and an API to help migrants, SME’s, FinTech to send money locally and internationally cheaper and better. With Denarii Business you can pay any invoice with a bank transfer for FREE, or use your credit card to defer payment. Denarii is licensed by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and AML under DC-Ventures Corporation LTD.

Can I pay with any credit card provider?

Denarii supports all credit cards to pay in PHP.

How much does Denarii charge?

Denarii doesn't charge a monthly or transaction fee yet, but only for credit cards. When paying by credit card, a 3.2% + 10PHP processing fee applies to the payment sender.

Do I need to inform my vendors that I am using Denarii?

No, you do not need to inform your vendors about Denarii. Upon completing your transaction via Denarii, funds will be transferred to the vendor’s bank account (regardless of how you choose to pay). Also, your vendors do not have to signup with Denarii to receive a payment. It will be credited to their bank account.

Why is the credit card fee more expensive than a bank transfer?

The cost of enabling credit card payments is expensive as compared to bank transfers. Because Denarii does not charge fee for bank payments but 3.2% + 10PHP processing fee is used to cover the costs of processing credit cards.

Is it safe to pay through Denarii?

Yes. Denarii is licensed and authorized by BSP and AML. Security is our #1 priority.

My vendor doesn't accept cards, can I still pay with a credit card?

Yes! Denarii enables you to pay vendors with a card and ensures your vendor gets money in their bank account.

Can I pay any vendor using Denarii?

Yes, Denarii supports a multi-track payment method so you can pay whichever way you want and have your vendors receive payment by bank deposit. That means you can pay all your vendors by bank transfer, e-wallet or credit card - regardless of how they're set up to receive payments.

Can I schedule payments ahead of the bill due date?

Yes, you can. When making a payment you have the option of selecting a date in the future for the payment's transaction. Denarii will remind you to process your payment on that day.

What accounting software does Denarii support?

Denarii supports QuickBooks, Xero, and Zoho with future plans to support more accounting software. Have another accounting software you'd like us to support? Let us know at info@denarii.com

What is the payment processing time?

  • In Minutes if it is below 50k PHP and earlier than 3 pm Philippines time.

  • Same day if it is more than 50k PHP and after 3 pm.

  • Next banking day if more than 50k PHP.

Can I cancel a previously scheduled payment?

Yes, you can cancel payments right up until the day of the scheduled payment.

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